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A blog (or "weblog") is a journal-style web site updated regularly by the author and usually allow readers to comment below each post. Services like Blogger and Wordpress are popular because they give the user a control panel to manage posts, settings, as well as the look and feel of the site, with relative ease. They also share your blog within their respective online community.

Blogs are useful for SEO purposes in a number of ways if you host the blog on your domain (ie. If you are an SEO yourself, a blog serves as a way to communicate on a different level with your web site visitors, as well as bringing legitimacy to your business if you can discuss issues intelligently. The blog also adds relevant content to your site on a regular basis (whenever you write new posts) and showing search engines fresh, unique content can help widen your reach.

Comment spam that includes a URL back to the spammer's web site is a problem that has grown over the years. It is not a Black Hat SEO technique, but simply spam. Recently, the 'nofollow' attribute has been used by blog owners to discourage comment spam. Nofollow tells search engines to devalue the link, therefore rendering the spammer's attempt to promote their own site useless. Most blogs also have comment approval functions that filter out spam.